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  • We are envisioning a future where humankind intervenes with their own body's operation mechanism as an inevitable step of our natural evolution to overcome the most fundamental challenges of biology and survive in an ever-changing world.


  • We believe that the most practical way to do it is to engineer and use viruses, leverage their potential.


  • We believe that the low-hanging fruit of this vision is to improve our bodies' immunity against cancer or pathogens via engineered viruses. Furthermore, viral therapy is the ultimate targeted therapy approach with great potential against cancer.


The journey of a therapeutic from the lab bench into the first patient's body is a tough one. To overcome the great obstacles on the road, a team consisting of people with extraordinary character, motivation and skill set is a must.


For us, this is a technological crusade against the limits of the status quo. For this purpose, we have built an organized community of hackers & builders cemented with a techno-centric culture. This is where you are invited.

"We are calling people that share the same dream, values & beliefs with us, to join the team, contribute and be a part of the viral revolution."

Positions in Detail

Open Positions


Lab Researcher: Synthetic Virology

Role Description:
A key member of the wet-lab research team working predominantly on Intellivir Pipeline & Intellivir Discovery Platform. Involvement in Molecular Biology, Mammalian Cell Culture, Virology (BSL-2/2+/3), Animal Model Labs & Studies. A research focus on genetic engineering, oncolytic viruses and cancer immunotherapy.


*Position available in Israel, New York & Istanbul
*Requires Traveling

You think you don't have the experience but this is just the right role for you; you have the time & ready to devote yourself? Then see GEEN Academy for Assist. Lab Scientist position.


COO & CBDO [As a Co-Founder]

Character Description for the Role: Click Here


We are looking for someone who is skilled at building a business and getting things done! A key person who will make sure the company operates timely and perfectly as a whole. Also ensures the business grows and develops. Takes care of people inside and outside, tasks, communications & relationships.

*Position available in Israel, New York & Istanbul
*Requires Traveling


Senior Lab Scientist

Role Description:
Includes the same work content of "Lab Scientist: Synthetic Virology" position. This position differentiates as a leadership position. Candidate will be responsible for the execution of all lab research activities. Requires scientific track record and experience. Candidates with a PhD, previous post-doctoral fellowship and higher occupations are eligible.

Candidate might be specialized on Oncolytic Virotherapy, Viral Cancer Immunotherapy, Virology, Cancer Immunology.

*Position available in Israel, New York & Istanbul

*Position requires traveling


Corporate Development Team Leader

Business Development, PR/HR, Project & Team Coordination

Description of work is very similar to "COO & CBDO" position. Differentiating only with relatively junior eligibility & increased executional workload

Character Description for the Role: Click Here


*Position available in Istanbul

*Requires Traveling

You think you don't have the experience but this is just the right role for you; you have the time & ready to devote yourself? Then see GEEN Academy for Assist. Corporate Development Specialist position


Operations Coordination & Management

Character Description for the Role: Click Here

You think you don't have the experience but this is just the right role for you; you have the time & ready to devote yourself? Then see GEEN Academy for the Assist. Operations Coordinator position.

Lab Researcher: Other Fields

Role Description: A key member of the wet-lab research team working predominantly on Partnership Projects. Involvement in Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering, Bacterial & Yeast Cell Culture, Plant Tissue Culture; Labs & Studies. A wide and variable research focus comprising recombinant DNA technology, genome editing, metabolism engineering, enzymology & biochemistry, bioprocess.

*Position available in İstanbul

Role characters @ GEEN







as a new Co-Founder


COO is the Lead Problem Solver, the Joker in the card deck. We are looking for the one, dedicated to making things work, on time. Through our journey from the lab bench to the patient our team needs a person who will take the responsibility of the things out the lab door. The hands-on guy, go-getter, organizer, executer, the person who makes sure that everything works and we are on time. The person who is not afraid of getting his/her hands dirty and solve any problem obstructing the progression of the company and its products to launch. The person who runs the company, literally. Then eventually, lead the whole team that runs the company. As a CBDO the candidate will also be directly involved in business development affairs and work very closely with the CEO.


Position location (PL): @US&IL&TR



Operations Coordinators: Operations & Corporate Management

These people are natural organizers. They don't forget. They are never lazy for getting their hands & body working. They are always practical but also want everything to be just right and by the book. They like to do things quickly. Self-discipline and obsessed with getting things done and pursue efficiency. They love to be the enabler. They keep records, tidy things up and are always on-time. 

Business Development Specialists: Business & Strategy Development, PR, HR, Team & Project Coordination

The socials. Natural human strategists. They love human interactions. Great abilities of persuasion. A bit theatrical with a some emotions involved. The type of people that everyone enjoy spending time together. They are satisfied with affection. They live and perceive with their feelings. Most of the times they have a latin in their character. They talk to solve problems. They are presenters and dealmakers. By contrast with the aforementioned qualities, Corporate Development Specialists, in order to be successful, MUST learn how to make rational, systematic and logical decisions.

R&D Specialists: Bio-Oriented Research & Design, Research Related Operations

The masters of information. These people command and overrule the world of knowledge. Systematic, logical reasoners. They are the thinkers & designers. Always in a pursuit to understand, image and manipulate; life and nature. Giving attention to every single detail. Reading and writing [a lot]. Pursue to answer questions. Reading, thinking, reasoning & writing all the time, sometimes forgetting about their body and converging to the imaginary world. Living in a microcosmos painted in their head with the knowledge coming from what they read, read and read. Practically these people are sitting in front of a computer all day long connected with a life support cable, to the world of knowledge, internet. They use every single information available to humanity, to design genetic systems, experiments, methods and manipulate life as never done before. They extract, compile, record, understand, interpret information from all sources available to answer critical questions, make conceptual or technological designs, make information useful and easily understandable for others.

Lab Scientists: Laboratory Researchers (Synthetic Biology, Virology & Viral Culture, Cancer Immunology, Cell Culture, Animal Models/Operations)

Craftspersons. In this business, the lab runs like a restaurant. In our restaurant; recipes, concepts, designs are provided by a group of thinkers. But the chef knows his/her kitchen better than anyone. They are the people who physically build things. They are not the concept designers but the "hands" of the team, the [builders] of knowledge and technology. They are the ones who physically witness, watch and manipulate the creation of our artefacts. They plan, perform in the lab, check everything is just right, ensure quality, collect any feedback and improve the process every time. Not to forget anything, they write down and document all they learn. They are the collectors, observers, extractors of information provided by the nature we play with

HACKERS: Computer-Specific R&D and Operations (Machine Learning, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Data Analysis, Bioinformatics)









(Gateway to the Best of Yourself)



  • 2-year program; 1 year education, 1-year internship.

  • 1 year vocational education program is tuition free but we expect you to continue as a scholar for another year working in an internship position you are trained in.

  • A limited number of students are eligible for accomodation & living expense sponsorship throughout the program.

  • Students who successfully complete the education program receive endorsement, awards and options to proceed the program in a path of choice.

  • Following the program students are selected to enter the team as a member, freelancer or encouraged to take a leadership role in a joint venture.

(Research & Design/Lab/Business/IT/Operations Trainees)


There are no strict requirements of enrollment to this program. No background or degrees required. This is our version of academia. Candidates are chosen by their character traits. Through the program, we will just share a higher purpose with you, present you real problems, show you what we have learned so far, push you as much as we can to help unlock your full potential.

Trainees are students / long-term (and only) Interns at GEEN. Based on our experiences, this term is generally 3-12 months and consisting of 3 phases. It is shortest for GEENIUSes and the longest for BIOHACKERs. The 3 phases are:

  • The Wall (2 Weeks): Are there any major conflicts? Should we stop this immediately? Are you ready for what you will confront? Is this really what you want? Are you aware of what you need to sacrifice? Is this what you really dream of?

  • Investigation (2 Months): Are we really a good fit? Is this where you want to be for a long time? Who are you really? Do you "know thyself" well enough to make a decision that will shape your future? Are you ready for this journey? Do you really feel comfortable with the team and your role?

  • Transatlantic (Training) (1-9 months): Do we completely trust and embrace each other? Will we completely adopt, practice and share the same fundamental values, culture and mental model? Will you develop yourself quickly enough to survive and become a cornerstone of this team? Will you make the sacrifice necessary? Will you relentlessly master your operational/technical field to build something everyone thinks it is impossible? Duration of this period is depending on how fast you develop yourself. When you complete the academy you will be eligible to start working at GEEN as a team member.

A trainee is actually in a practical exam within oneself during her/his term. If successful, after this term apprentices promote to become a master biohacker/hacker/strategist/hurdle-buster/geenius (see the explanations above). Some initial qualities to have are reliability, determination, self-dedication, loyalty, motivation, openness to continuous learning and progression, team-work and communication, taking initiative and its responsibility, rational reasoning, awareness, candidness and honesty. During the term, an apprentice co-works intensively with the team on real problems right from the beginning. They are trained and tested to their limits by their Leader and they help training others until they reach the master skills. Work assigned or expected to be done through the course of the term includes solving advanced technical problems in R&D or overcoming operational & business challenges.

BTW, for R&D Specialist & Hacker roles; we love quasi-social, isolated, obsessed nerds and geniuses whos only passion is science, nature, engineering and creating real, fundamental value. People who generally have trouble finding a proper topic about everyday life to talk to people. We know, however, you have a strong sense of humor and a very active online personality. Inside, are you just looking for fellows that feel the same way as you do, to share your understandings? We definitely understand you!

@TR, Istanbul


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