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An international, interdisciplinary DIY institute for synthetic biology.
Home to a powerful DIYBIO 
society building tomorrow's synbio technology & culture.


International Biohack Institute

Welcome to IBH2!

"Take part in building tomorrow's synbio culture & start living the future today"

"Institute and society is like a house and a family"

Application form available in


Come & join IBI if you are looking in the synbio space for the right people, culture, and place to...​

  • share & grow enthusiasm, inspiration, insight

  • enjoy building meaningful things

  • start living in & living for what you believe in

What's inside?

  • A powerful society of synbio enthusiasts
    An isolated, bonded, independent community with an evolving internal social system.


  • An exclusive database of technology
    Access to Synbio focused BioH/BioM technology, developed in-house over time


  • Semi-DIY synbio labs
    Wet-labs & maker-labs built by members at your service


  • Social & functional community spaces
    Lounge, Dorms, Co-working, Office, Conference etc. all free for members and foods & drinks available.


  • International synbio events, talks, biohackathons & meet-ups

Common events are mostly free for members. There are also some exclusive events.

  • Synbio Academy @IBI
    Craft education/training on 
    gen-eng, wet-lab, biz-dev, management, biomaker etc.


  • Active research & hobby; groups & projects

What's not to expect as a member?

  • Perfection

  • Abundance

  • Resources

    Expect less than enough of everything. There will
    always be imperfections, deficiencies and mistakes. With relentless hope & hardwork we will achieve nothing but progress.

What to expect aaM?

Expect only to have a good time.

And maybe you can also find some inner-peace, joy, meaning, hope, love, confidence... whatever you can extract out of it.


Prototyping Tomorrow's Synbio Tech, Culture & Society.

  • Develop enabling technologies for affordable, accessible, sustainable synthetic biology

  • Develop social systems for efficient synthetic biology innovation

  • Innovate and Inspire through synthetic biology with the resources available today

IBI Membership


Bio-innovation Advanced & Democratized

People hacking biology together to advance health & abilities.


Join the society, enter IBI. The house and all resources are available to IBI members.

IBI's doors are wide open for all BioHs & BioMs.

Just fill out an application form, get approval from IBI's board and choose a membership plan that suits you.

For Members

You can show up & ask for resources at the desk if you like. However, we strongly recommend reserving your spot in advance as you might find resources fully booked when you arrive.

Our Locations

IBI SynBioHouse Kadikoy, Istanbul (240m2)

Synbio Wet-lab

Lab Instruments, Hardware & Tools Atelier

Office Space

Co-Working, Meeting&Conference Room

Dorm for 6

Lounge, Cafe-Bar & Kitchen
Event Garden

IBI Services

Read & decide whether you agree before you knock the door to join



  • Science, rationality, reason & wisdom are always superior and one must gravitate towards.

  • Work and labor are deemed sacred.

  • Always have trust in the justice exercised by mother nature and the balance within

  • Think and act so as to converge, connect with, unify, embrace everyone and everything.

  • Evolution is inevitable, keep pace with it, never give up, have trust in endless progress

  • Take part in construction, resist destruction without reconstruction of any form, at every level

  • Find your part, responsibility, initiative in everything

  • Look someone to see the innoncence & good within. None is bad everything happens for a reason.

  • One must self-critisize, self-question and develop

  • What remains and matters the most is the artefact after all. Creator lives within his/her artefacts and becomes immortal.


  • After entering the door, leave your external identity outside and only bring your inner self.

  • An embracing culture, unconditional respect for freewill and efficient communication is the shortest way to a solution.

  • Adopt relentless fight against dogmas

  • Frequently question what is valuable and what value is.

  • You can always improve, continuously challenge yourself

  • Embrace and honor naivety, innocence, love and enthusiasm.

  • Goodwill should be the foundation of all actions. Keep your hands clean.

  • What we do over who you are.

  • Act with self-discipline and conscience 

  • Try to listen without prejudice

  • Respect the junior, love the senior a little more

  • Give voice and opportunity to others before you judge

Our Locations

IBI Services

Remote Lab


Custom Services


Now all you need is your computer to run a wet-lab synbio project.

Need a lab and people to perform experiments for your project? No matter where you are IBI Remote Lab is a service just for you.

IBI Remote Lab is a personal remote lab service. Where you can perform your experiments & get results online.

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