GEEN is looking for teammates! Be a part of the synthetic virology revolution.

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GEEN is headed towards, the ultimate vision, a future where humanity is well armed with engineered viruses and advanced genetic engineering against our greatest biological challenges.

  • Developing a technology of directed evolution to train viruses on performing complex tasks within the body.

  • With our main project Intellivir we're dedicated to offer soon one equally safe & effective therapy for each & every cancer patient.

  • Our vision is greater, on the side with partnerships we conduct advanced genetic and metabolic engineering studies on yeast, bacteria & plants.

From the first day it was founded, GEEN has become home to more than 45 people. We have trained Rookies into world class engineers. They became the team and that team worked together day and night, to design and construct world's first man-made life form GeenOS with advanced genetic engineering tools & methods we've built. Powered by GeenOS and the know-how it generated, we recently introduced Intellivir, the first direct application of advanced synthetic virology on human life projected to enter human body as soon as 6-8 years.

In our team, we embrace a culture of constant advancement and relentless, resourceful execution. Through our journey, we have always focused on two main things. First and foremost, investing in self-development, peace and joy within our team. Secondly, constant progression towards making our ultimate vision a reality step by step. For the greatest challenges of our company's history have arrived, we must now rebuild our team at its best. We are now calling people all over the world that enthusiastically share the same vision & values with us to join the team, contribute and be a part of the viral revolution. We are looking for people who wants nothing but to watch these engineered viruses actually work in the human body and improve patients' life, then lean back and say "we made it" while thinking despite the great challenges faced and sacrifice they've made, they had enjoyed every second of the journey. For open calls for new team members please visit:

Details about career opportunities: