Arda D. Dokuzoglu
CEO & Head of Technology


Banu Copuroglu

R&D Team Leader

Beyza Ozerdem
Operations Coordinator

Selin S. Kosemen



Yunus Comar
Lab Scientist

F.B. G., PhD

Mirsad Ibraimi
Corporate Development Team Leader

Stanley John, MSc.
Corporate Development​ Expert


Gizem Oder
Lab Scientist

Our family is much bigger than this. Over the years more than 100 people have contributed to this journey.

Some of them are exceptional and greeted with high respect for their contributions.

We listed our honorable members here.


Supporting Members

Ralph Meuwissen
Academic Partner of Animal Models


Ece Tavasli


S. Selin Su Yirmibesoglu, MSc.
Advisor for Synthetic Biology & Genetic Circuitry


Coskun Yildirim
Advisor of Business Development & Strategy


To be announced
Clinical Partner


To be announced
Academic Partner of 

To be announced
Academic Partner of Virology


To be announced

Academic Partner of Immuno-oncology