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Synthetic Virology

Programmable therapeutic nanobots turned reality.

Oncolytic Virotherapy is the future of cancer immunotherapy.




Discovering viral cancer immunotherapies through engineered virus evolution

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Creating the next-generation of viral immunotherapies through genetically reprogrammed evolution.

Oncolytic viruses engineered for precision immunomodulation. 
Artificially selected for their unprecedented 
immunotherapeutic efficacy
GEEN uses proprietary high-throughput directed evolution technology to generate novel viral cancer immunotherapies out of conventional oncolytic virus backbones.

Intellivir Clinics Personalized Oncolytic Viruses
Providing the highest degree of personalization. Viral clones tailored to each patient. Personalized on in vitro or in vivo models from patients' immune cells & tumor samples.
Intellivir Discovery™ Developing the next generation of oncolytic viruses

Library generation, high-throughput screening & in vitro/in vivo artificial selection of oncolytic virus clones for precision immunomodulation.

We open Intellivir Discovery Platform for co-development projects with other companies & academia
interested in developing precisely immunomodulating higher efficacy clones of their oncolytic viruses.
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"Transforming viruses into high-speed learners in the lab, to let them figure out how to tackle cancer more effectively and individually for each patient."
"Critically improving the long-promised oncolytic (cancer-killing) viruses to finally deliver a type-agnostic, safe & substantially effective cancer immunotherapy."
Next-Gen Oncolytic Viruses
Evolved to Heal
Powered by Intellivir Discovery & Personalization Platform
"The world needs a technology to screen oncolytic virus libraries in a high-throughput fashion for their immunotherapeutic efficacy, this is what exactly Intellivir Discovery Platform does"


Intellify  Genetic Circuits actually are modified versions of GeenOS optimized for guiding the evolution of viruses.
It all started years ago when GEEN Biotechnology team started working on a synthetic virus called GeenOS, designed out of advanced genetic circuits and combined parts of various viral DNAs.
The focus with GeenOS was quite different. But we discovered what can be done when viruses, genetic circuits, and computers are combined. And, where it is desperately needed.


"Together, we are building a stronger & healthier future for humanity."
Join us in this journey!


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