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In order to stay independent, provide the space, resources and services required for the integrity of our community; we have to raise funds. Our approach is to initially depend on our members support to keep synthetic biology innovation free. 

Become an IBI member by choosing a plan below. Join the community.


Choose your plan, cancel whenever you want, "Hello World" rates (75% off for 3 months)

  • 1° Membership

    Every week
    Anyone, anywhere, join the community & use IBI's technology
    • Access to online communication tools
    • Access to IBI online database
    • License for using IBI's technologies during membership
  • 2° Membership

    Every week
    Spend time @IBI w/ the community. Use all common resources.
    • Access to Office Space 1
    • Access to Dorms
    • All 1° Membership Benefits Included
  • Best Value

    3° Membership

    Every week
    Join synbio projects, be a part of IBI & the revolution
    • Free Access to All Labs
    • Free Access to All Office Spaces
    • Free Access to Dorms
    • Free Foods & Drinks
    • Free Access to All Non-Exclusive Events
    • All 2° Membership Benefits Included
  • 4° Membership

    Every week
    IBI will be home to your project, support w/ all resources
    • Work for your own project at IBI
    • Includes All 3° Membership Advantages

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