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Kluyveromyces lactis High Copy Expression Plasmids

Our stable, high copy and episomal expression plasmid, Kl-HCEPEX is the best solution for high yield recombinant production in the yeast K. lactis. The new technology developed by GEEN Biotech is resolving the segregation and maintenance problems of episomal plasmids.


HCEPEX reaches average 80-100 plasmid copy number per cell and provides up to 300mg-1gr/L concentration for recombinant protein expression.

  • Highest recombinant protein production yield to date in K. lactis.

  • Copy number stably maintains for at least 90 generations

  • 300mg-1gr/L recombinant protein yield

  • 80-100 plasmid copies per cell

  • Secreted expression

  • E. coli - K. lactis shuttle plasmid

  • Kanamycin resistance

  • Episomal expression

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